I would have constant pain on the outside of my right knee with recurring violently painful episode on the top of the never ending ache in the center of the knee. At times it would feel like it’s on fire.

During the first visit I felt “movement” going on in the center of the knee itself. It wasn’t until roughly about five hours later that, suddenly the constant pain I experienced for over 10 years just disappeared!!! However the painful episodes seemed to have increased in intensity.

My pain level went from 8 to 3 in 3 weeks and in 2 treatments.

I improved 70% from my first visit until now. It has been about 2 months and for it to improve and give me that much relief is amazing!!

It feels like someone doused the fire with cool relaxing water….ahhhh, what a relief!!

I would recommend Dr Stahler’s work to anyone with chronic pain or discomfort!

Raul Hernandez
Brentwood, CA 2012

I had a whiplash injury with an avulsion fracture a few years ago. Have had chronic headaches and neck pain ever since. Also, I’d developed gastric ulcers after the accident and chronic fatigue.

Amazingly, with my first visit, headache was less severe by the time I left. Have not had to take sick leave, which was frequent, since I started seeing Dr Stahler. Stomach is also feeling better. And energy level is better.

My pain level went from a 5-6 to a 2-3 in 3 weeks, and 3 treatments.

I improved by 75% from my first visit until now. No severe headaches since 1st visit.

I finally feel better!

I would recommend Dr Stahler’s work to all my friends and family!

Kimbra Andrews
Oakley, CA 2012

I had a fracture in L 5 from a boating accident in 1976.

After seeing Dr Stahler, I was more pain free in lower back. My pain level went from an 8 to a 2 in 6 weeks, and 3 treatments.

I improved by 90% since my first visit after having this condition for over 36 years.

The dull ache in my lower back is now negligible.

Thank you for your service. I don’t think I need any further treatments. Thanks again.

Gary Dobberpuhl
Brentwood, CA 2012

On a Saturday afternoon, I was experiencing flu-like symptoms: chills, nausea, and fever. Dr Stahler noticed and recommended a treatment. I also had a chronic left knee problem.

Following the treatment, I went home and rested as ordered by Dr Stahler. I had a fever that evening, but the next morning, all symptoms were gone!

I improved 90% from my first visit. I didn’t miss any time from work that week!

Dr Allan del Rosario, DC
Brentwood, CA 2012

I had short colon syndrome, and urinary urgency.

I noticed significant progress on both conditions in the first week. The urgency I felt with both conditions went from 9 to 4 in 3 weeks and 3 treatments.

I improved by 70-80% in 6 weeks. My biggest gain was in getting to the causes of my problems and forming new health habits; simply with nutrition, supplements, and cranial sacral treatments. I would recommend Dr Stahler’s work to everyone who has even the smallest health issue that troubles them.

Nancy Livenspargar
Brentwood, CA 2012

I have had severe stomach pain and neuralgia pain everyday for a few years. I also have suffered from severe anxiety/depression.

After the 1st treatment my pain level decreased significantly and my mood improved. I became more relaxed.

My pain level went from an 8-10 to 5 in 4 weeks and 4 treatments. My mood has improved due to less pain. I would recommend Dr Stahler’s work to family and friends.

Edie Omeg
Brentwood, CA 2012

Before seeing Dr Stahler, I was suffering from not getting enough sleep each night. I would awaken 4-6 times through the night and get only 3-4 hours sleep for the whole night. I have tried many things and treatments to induce solid sleep, but nothing was successful.

Not exactly sure how to explain the therapy/treatment what Dr Stahler does. But I can testify to the impact it has had on me. Several weeks of treatments have resulted in my being able t fall asleep each night and only awaking once to go the the bathroom. Dr Stahler has made my mind and body, not only want to go to sleep, but to stay asleep. Even when I awaken to go to the bathroom, my mind and body fall back to sleep until my alarm goes off to get ready for work.

This dramatic improvement in my sleep pattern has given me more rest each night and feeling more alert. I now look forward to going to sleep each night knowing that I will get a restful night sleep.

Thanks to Dr Stahler I feel like a whole person again

Frank Mejia
Brentwood, CA 2012

Dr. Margaret Stahler, ND is a dedicated doctor with a sincere and straight forward approach to treatment.  I have received great relief from injuries from a recent car  accident from Cranial Sacral Therapy and am amazed at the way it has helped me on the way to recovery. I would recommend Margaret Stahler for a Naturaopathic approach to healing which I believe is a thoughtful and caring way to approach healing and it does no harm.
Patty Shelton Cunningham
Medford, OR 2007

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